Kimmo Timonen Leaves Game With Upper-Body Injury

5 Jan

WELLS FARGO CENTER — The games that the Flyers have played without Chris Pronger have proven that Kimmo Timonen may actually be the cornerstone of the defense. In his career with the Flyers, the warrior has missed only seven games in four seasons and change. But that might change soon.

Timonen left the game after the first period at the 10:30 mark having played only 3:30. He returned to join the team and start the second period. He played another three shifts and another 1:47. But then he left again.

Midway through the third period, the Flyers announced that Timonen would not return with an upper-body injury. After the game he was seen with a soft brace on his left wrist. If he’s gone long, they’re in serious trouble. But they aren’t ready to admit that.

“That’s speculation at this point,” said Peter Laviolette. “I’d rather not comment on that because I don’t know for sure that that’s the case.”

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