Giroux Not Worried About All-Star Snub

5 Jan

WELLS FARGO CENTER — It’s still a foregone conclusion that Claude Giroux will be playing in the NHL All-Star Game in Ottawa later this month, we just have to wait a little longer for that announcement.

On Thursday morning, fan voting ended and six players were announced as the starting lineup for the All-Star Game. Giroux was not among them. Instead, four Senators and one Maple Leaf topped the charts north of the border.

Daniel Alfredsson, Jason Spezza, Milan Michalek, Erik Karlsson, Dion Phaneuf and Tim Thomas are the starting six of this year’s All-Star Game as voted by the fans, many apparently in Ottawa.

“They want to see their own in the All-Star Game,” said Danny Briere. “I get that. I understand that. That’s why only the top six get voted in. Claude definitely has his place there. He’s probably gonna be the first one, or at least the top three, that will be added right away. It’s not even a question mark in his regard.”

Giroux doesn’t feel miffed. He didn’t even know the announcement was coming, so he was far from worried about it.

“Nah, I understand,” said the Flyers leading scorer. “I think everybody understands. It’s in Ottawa; they want Ottawa players to be there. That’s fine.

“I’m not gonna judge the way they do it. It really doesn’t matter. I don’t know what to say. It seriously doesn’t bother me one bit.”

Giroux has 18 goals and 28 assists this year for the Flyers. He is second in the league in scoring will, in all liklihood, be heading to a second straight All-Star Game. He admitted that it would be special being in his home providence of Ottawa.

“I don’t care if it’s top six, I just want to make the team,” said Giroux. “That would be pretty cool and to go back to back would be pretty cool. It’s in Ottawa where my friends are. It would be a pretty good experience.”

Peter Laviolette has not been shy about his feelings on Giroux’s All-Star status.

“Maybe I’m biased,” said the coach. “If I had to start a team, I’d pick him first over anybody else in the league.”

Giroux finished seventh in overall voting with 385,253 votes. Linemate Jaromir Jagr was just outside of the top 10 with 255,178 votes, 48,548 shy of Pittsburgh’s Evgeni Malkin. Laviolette also insinuated on Thursday that Scott Hartnell could be an All-Star candidate. Imagine the Flyers’ entire top unit going to the All-Star Game.

“Whatever happens, happens,” sad Jagr. “If I would go, I’d go. If I don’t go, I will practice and I’m gonna get better. Either way it’s fine with me. If I go, I’m gonna have fun. If I don’t go I’m gonna stay here and work hard and I’m gonna get ready for the playoffs.”

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