Flyers Point To Themselves For Coming Out Flat

21 Nov

WELLS FARGO CENTER — Peter Laviolette warned them.

“Don’t sleep on the Hurricanes.”

But it looked like the Flyers were sleepwalking a bit in their 4-2 loss on Monday night. It was only Carolina’s fifth win over the Flyers in the last 22 meetings.

Flat. Listless. Sleepwalking. Whatever the adjective, it certainly wasn’t the effort the Flyers were looking for after a tough road loss in Winnipeg.

“It’s kind of disappointing the start we had coming out,” said Matt Carle. “Their effort was there. I think it was their third game in four nights and they played [Sunday] night. Gotta give them credit. They played a good road game and we just could never seem to get anything going.”

Not so fast, Matt. Not everyone is willing to give credit to the other side.

“It’s hard to tell why, but it’s one of those things, it happens even though you don’t want it to happen, it happens,” said Kimmo Timonen. “I don’t think they even played that good, but we were flat today, no energy, no jump. I don’t think we created a lot of scoring chances. It’s one of those games nobody felt really good before the game, and it showed.”

All in all, the Flyers had 32 shots on net, edging the Hurricanes by one. But they were few and far between as the game wore on. Part of the reason may have been that the Flyers didn’t see a power play in the second half of the game.

But in reality, the sub-par effort started from the beginning of the game. When Laviolette saw the effort, he knew the prophecy would be true.

“I think they buried us, yeah,” he said. “We were second everywhere and when we did get there late, we weren’t strong enough in the battles.”

One thing that continues to be a battle for the Flyers is the penalty kill. It’s struggled mightily over the last two games, but the thought is that the struggle stems more from taking too many penalties than the penalty killers not doing their jobs.

“I wouldn’t blame it on the PK,” said James van Riemsdyk who had a two-point night. “I think we’ve been in the box too much. I mean most guys have done a great job all year long and it gets to a point if you keep taking penalties it’s going to eventually bite you in the end. So we’ve got to really clean that up.”

“It’s one of those things I think is easy to correct and go back to basics, and I’m not too worried about that,” added Timonen. “The last couple games it hasn’t been there, and it should be.”

That goes for the overall effort, as well. The Flyers had won three in a row and gotten points in eight straight before losing to Winnipeg on Saturday. Now they’ve lost two in a row.

“We’ve lost two in a row now and it’s definitely not acceptable,” said van Riemsdyk “So we’ve got to go back to the drawing board and get ready for Wednesday.”

But the Flyers won’t want to sleep on the New York Islanders either.

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